Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yellow and Blue Bathroom with a Chevron Hoodie Towel

We recently did a little work on our guest bathroom or should I say kids bathroom. We hung a reclaimed wood shelf and bar of hooks from ikea. I also made a chevron hoodie towel for the new baby. I let August test it out. I like how the towel came out because it is a baby towel that doesn't look too baby it matches the whole scheme of the bathroom. Also this IKEA hook system it is supposed to be used in the kitchen, but when I saw it I thought it would be perfect for our long wall in the bathroom. I especially like the buckets that come with it. Anyway it just has a lot of flexibility and fits all our needs. I got the brackets at Home Depot and they were like $4 or something. Anyway, here are some photos of how it turned out.


  1. what's not to love about this post!?

    adorable baby, check. yellow chevron towel, check. simple and beautiful shelf, double check! love it all! amazing!

  2. Love the towel! Did you get the pattern somewhere?

  3. I just copied a towel that i had bought...but it is super easy.

  4. Your baby is SO cute! It seems that he loves to play with that yellow chevron towel. He's SO adorable! :) By the way, I love how you improvised materials for your lighting. I think a little repainting will make it even more appealing.

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