Monday, November 30, 2009

bewsey family thanksgiving

My Mopsey (my grandma) asked me to do the thanksgiving decorations this year. I felt a little intimidated by this task because there were going to be around 35 people at thanksgiving dinner and they are all very artistic. . . so I wanted to do something new and fresh. I have been seeing a lot of succulent plants being used lately in arrangements, and I have started a petite obsession with succulents as well. So i thought i would give it a try. My Aunties let my borrow some of their pedestal dishes and then i headed out to Lowe's to collect my succulents. . . then Micheal's. . . then Trader Joe's for the fruits and vegetables. Fortunately my husband and I live near a lot of tree fruit farms so i was able to pick the persimmons up at local fruit stand. . .25 cents a piece is much better that 2.00 dollars a piece.

My cousin and her husband now own an event rental company so we were able to use their beautiful chairs.


  1. Amazing!!! it should be in real simple mag or martha stewart! Very impressed... love you al!!

  2. You are so artistic! I love your work! This Thanksgiving decor was the best! Can't wait to see what you do next...

  3. LOVE this so much. Everything about it.